GRIP TIGHT™ Adapter Ball Bearings

Featured Product from ABB

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Features and Benefits

•Decrease labor during bearing removal with no shaft reconditioning

The Grip Tight Adapter ball bearing will not leave fretting corrosion damage on the shaft and the patent pending integrated bearing puller eases disassembly. The result is a reduction in the amount of time that it takes to remove a bearing and install a new one.

•Little or no bearing vibration at high speeds

The Grip Tight Adapter ball bearing is approved to operate at speeds 20-40% higher than Dodge D-LOK ball bearing.

•Alleviates setscrew issues due to vibration

Customers who have setscrew bearings that loosen over time or use shaft collars to keep the setscrew bearing in place will find the Grip Tight  Adapter ball bearing the economical problem solver that they have been seeking.

•More efficient fan balancing

Because the Grip Tight  Adapter ball bearing is totally concentric with the shaft, it will not induce vibration into the fan/blower system and will reduce the fan OEM's trim balancing time for high speed applications.

•Reduced shafting costs

The Grip Tight Adapter ball bearing only requires commercial grade shafting tolerances. This can save approximately 40% in shafting costs versus turned, ground and polished shafting

•Inventory savings

Customers can purchase and stock adapters and housings with bearings separately at no price penalty, if they chose. This allows the customer to keep inventory on hand that is more flexible for his or her needs at a lesser value, resulting in a potential inventory savings of 25-50%!

•Proguard Plus Seal with flingers protects the bearing by keeping lubricants in and contaminants out.

•Patent pending pull/push thin wall adapter system

An internal bearing puller removes the inner ring from the adapter, and then pushes the adapter in the opposite direction out from under the bearing. Utilizing the internal puller eliminates the need for special external tools, and allows the bearing to be installed or removed quickly.

•Lower operating temperature

The Grip Tight  Adapter ball bearing also yields longer grease life, which translates to longer bearing life.

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