PARA-FLEX GT & GTL Couplings

Product Announcement from ABB

These unique new couplings combine all the advantages of our standard PARA-FLEX coupling – dependable performance, fast installation, and less maintenance – with the benefits of a smaller, cost-effective coupling that provides superior technology including the patent pending GRIP TIGHT® bushings and industry-proven "problem solver" elements.

Exclusive to Rockwell Automation and the DODGE brand, these new couplings have been uniquely engineered with product features and performance capabilities that increase bore size, improve torque capacity, speed installation, reduce maintenance, and lower the total cost of ownership.

Because of their built-in ability to handle misalignment and vibration, PARA- FLEX GT and GTL couplings can withstand the toughest applications and processes and continue to perform reliably and efficiently long after other couplings have failed.

The PARA-FLEX "Problem Solver" Element

Compared with competitively sized polyurethane or rubber elements, the PARA-FLEX "problem solver" element offers higher torque ratings and features a torque chord which prevents the likelihood of a catastrophic failure. Plus, it offers industry leading misalignment and vibration handling capabilities and includes a five-year industry leading warranty. Additionally, the problem solver element allows for installation on misaligned shafts.

Learn more about the patent pending keyless bushing & other features that make the coupling durable and cost efficient by clicking on the Product Details web link on the right. Or e mail us to discuss your application and needs