TIGEAR 2 - Speed Reducer

Product Announcement from ABB


The TIGEAR-2 adds four new sizes, for a total of 10 in all, covering center distances from 1.33" to 4.75". It has a 30% increase in average output torque (up to 6,800 in-lbs.). Because of the consistent torque capacity increments between case sizes, equipment designers can optimize reducer size selections for cost, performance, and life.

The new totally enclosed, ventless sealing system contains a new factory-filled synthetic lubricant that actually runs cooler, as well as eliminates the need for routine oil changes. Its new precision manufactured gear geometry balances multiple gear parameters for dramatic improvements in torque capacity, efficiency, and operating temperatures. Tigear-2 offers higher efficiencies, cooler running temperatures, and longer gear wear life that translates into longer reducer life and a much lower Total Cost of Ownership.

TIGEAR-2 is dimensionally interchangeable with current TIGEAR reducers, as well as many competitive models; plus, it still delivers the same high performance benefits as the original TIGEAR.

TIGEAR-2 is the only worm reducer with the new GRIP TIGHT™ tapered bushing system.