NEW: Independent position damping...

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NEW: Independent position damping...
Individually dampen with the dynamic groove in the cylinder tube
Due to the groove, which is installed in the cylinder tube in this gas spring variant, the damping characteristic of the gas spring can be adapted very individually to the respective customer requirements.

In this case, the damping is not effected via the nozzle, as is the case with conventional gas springs, but is controlled by the groove in the cylinder. This results in many advantages: The damping in this variant has an effect in every installation position. Whether horizontally or with piston rod upwards - the damping characteristic is always the same.

The damping intensity and characteristic can also be adapted more precisely to customer requirements. A very smooth transition into the damping is possible and thus spares the construction additionally.

The dynamic groove is available for the cylinder diameters 15, 19 and 22. The groove is designed so that the damping characteristics correspond to the individual requirements of the customer.

•End damping ensured in every installation position (horizontal or with piston rod upwards)
•Controlled damping is possible regardless of position
•Individual damping characteristics over the complete stroke possible
In order to be able to design the groove, detailed information on the application and desired function of the gas spring is necessary.

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