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NEW: easy E-line

Our new easyE®- electric linear actuators utilizes an in-line actuator with a very slim design. Due to the linear layout of motor, gear and spindle, a very slim design for installation is achieved. With an outer diameter of 35, 50 and 60 mm, the actuators fit into nearly every application while providing lifting forces from 120N up to 10.000N (easyE-60).

The corresponding controllers define what the actuators have to do. No matter if plug-and-play or bonding of your SPS, the synchronic adjustment of serveral cylinders or the mobile battery power – you can find all of them in our easyE-line program.


  • Stroke length: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 and 750mm (others on request)
  • Materials: 
    Motor and actuator tube are powder coated steel or stainless steel
    Piston rod is aluminum (easyE-35) or stainless steel (easyE-50 and easyE-60) 
    Front and rear brackets are PA, aluminum or stainless steel
  • Protection class: IP66 (standard), IP68, IP69K, ATEX
  • Temperature:
    Standard (-5°C - +70°C) 
    Low (-40°C - +70°C) 
    High (-5°C - +90°C)



  • Maximum force: 120 - 2200N
  • Speed: 3 - 33mm/s
  • Stroke: 50 - 750mm
  • Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC



  • Maximum force: 500 - 4500N
  • Speed: 4 - 70mm/s
  • Stroke: 50 - 750mm
  • Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC



  • Maximum force: 1900 - 10.000N
  • Speed: 5 - 31mm/s
  • Stroke: 50 - 750mm
  • Voltage: 24VDC


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