Custom keypads

Product Announcement from BaranTec

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The Barantec touch metal keypads utilize the EVERSWITCH PIEZO MODULE TECHNOLOGY.

The Barantec EVERSWITCH keyboards are the ultimate solution for harsh environments, high traffic areas or outdoor applications as well as clean room environment and medical equipment. The EVEVRSWITCH, a Patented piezoelectric module technology is integrated in a sealed metal casing and solid construction offering years of easy cleaning, reduced maintenance, lower service costs and a long life expectancy.

The EVERSWITCH modular Piezo switch elements are used in multiple-up arrays to create full size keyboards and interfaces for the most critical conditions.

The EVERSWITCH keypas are Rugged, reliable responsive data entry device, it's 1/2 inch metal thick walls make it 100% Vandal proof, Weather, water and dust proof (IP69K) . It is a one piece metal construction with permanent, high contrast, Anodize non removable graphic printing.