Explosion Proof Switch

Product Announcement from BaranTec

Explosion Proof Switch-Image

The EVERSWITCH Piezo switch has been certified as an intrinsically safe switch for use in Hazardous locations.

The UL certification Class I, Division I , Groups A, B ,C and D allows the installation of the switch where an explosion proof switch and process control is required.

The Piezo switch is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor hazardous environments


  • Rated Voltage 0 - 24V AC/DC
  • Rated Current 0 - 2 Amps
  • Switch Resistance "ON" 5 Megohms
  • Switch Capacitance 25pf
  • Functioning - One Shot
  • Actuation Force ~ Typically 3-5N
  • Operating Temperature (standard) -40°C - +85°C
  • Operating Temperature (according to customer request) -40°C - + 125°C
  • Storage Temperature -40°C - + 125°C
  • Cycles More than 50 million
  • EMI or RFI Effect None
  • Protection System IP68 according to lEC 529

Approvals ISO, CE, UL , FAA and MIL SPEC

Surface material - Aluminum / STS Printing method - Anodize printing.