Air Suspension Products

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Customized Solutions
Barksdale recognizes the unique requirements of the transportation business and focuses on them to provide products and service that exceed customer expectations. Engineering, experience, and attention to detail set Barksdale Controls apart from the competition.

Focus On The Future
Barksdale has taken this dedication game changing technologies into other Commercial Vehicle applications such as lift axle control, tire inflation systems, suspension dump control, electronic suspension control and bus kneeling systems. All of these products maintain the same level of quality performance and reliability combined with Barksdale's ability to serve the unique needs of our customers.

At Barksdale, we work closely with our customers to develop solutions that offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With over sixty years of experience as a technology driven, market focused company, we can help you deliver the results your customers demand.

Barksdale is committed to ethical and responsible conduct. Click here to learn more.

Our main markets:

  • Construction & Mining
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Factory Automation
  • Transportation