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Choose the right fastener for your application

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Choosing a Fastener

In the process industries, such as oil, gas, and petrochemicals, the selection of the right fastener in the right application can be critical. The bolts used to connect companion flanges, for example, or the screws used to connect a pipe standard to a load bearing wall, or the nuts and bolts used to connect the dished ends of a reactor are all critical to production.

Picking the right fastener is also critical to safety, both for the process and for the plant workers. Picking the right fastener will not be noticed. But failing to pick the right fastener for an application may cause problems from a small leak to a disastrous failure, and that will be noticed for sure. We are going to look at how to pick the right fastener every time.

Know the Application

Before you call your fastener supplier, you need to know what the application is. There are so many applications for industrial fasteners that even a list is out of the scope of this paper, but the kinds of fasteners and their suitability for applications and service are often the same in many applications. Whether you use mild steel or Chrome Moly, or even something exotic will depend of the requirements of the application. You should also know how to use the standards that cover fasteners and their uses. ASTM A307 click here to read entire article