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All thread rods and studs are used for general purpose fastening for anything from an anchor bolt to a through bolt. A variety of grades and materials are available including stainless steel. Threaded rod is available in a variety of strengths. Low carbon all thread and studs are usually provided in a zinc or galvanized finish. Low carbon all thread (ASTM A307) is used for general applications where a high strength connection is unnecessary. It is also commonly used for foundation anchor bolts. The most common studs are made from ASTM A193 B7 material. B7 all thread and studs are a heat treated alloy steel used where a higher strength connection is necessary. B7 all thread can be plain finish, zinc or galvanized.

  • Acme All Thread
  • B-7 All Thread
  • B-7 Studs
  • Galvanized Studs
  • Left Hand All Thread
  • Metric All Thread
  • Nylon All Thread
  • Low Carbon All Thread


All thread rods can be cut and chamfered to studs of specified lengths. These studs can be provided either plain finish, zinc or galvanized. Typically, B7 studs are specified in petroleum and chemical construction applications. This material is used for high temperature or high pressure service such as pressure vessels, valves, flanges, and fittings.

Below is a basic summary of a few of the common grades. ASTM A193 covers a number of other standard specifications not covered in this description including B6, and B16.


Bayou City Bolt stocks a full line of US and Metric B7 Studs. Our stock starts at 3/8” diameter and runs through 1-1/2”. Thread pitches include Coarse, Fine and 8 Thread for the US standard studs. Metric Studs can be had in Coarse or Fine Thread. Other sizes can be cut to length from our B7 All-Thread stock. Most sizes are available Zinc Plated or Xylan coated as well.

  • B-7 Studs
  • Cylinder Studs

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