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Fasteners On Time and In Budget

Featured Product from Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc.

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Since 1962 Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc. has built a solid reputation for service throughout the Gulf Coast. It was founded on the principle of providing the customer with the parts they need, when they need them. This reputation is reflected in our motto:

"To Spec - On Time - In Budget"

Everyone is Welcome

No customer is too large or too small. Special orders are a daily occurrence for us. We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill the customers' fastener requirements. Our sales people will work with you to find the right fastener for the job.

Bayou City Bolt keeps more types, sizes, and styles in stock than any other distributor in our area. We also buy direct from the manufacturer or their local representative. There are no other distributor markups on our products.

Ninety five percent (95%) of all orders are ready for shipment on the day the order is placed. Most orders are ready within two hours. This level of excellence is due to our commitment to the customer-driven inventory and purchasing program we have developed.

Bin Service

One of the outstanding services Bayou City Bolt has developed for its customers is the Bin Service Program. Bayou City Bolt will help resolve your inventory problems and keep your projects running smoothly. As a part of this program Bayou City Bolt will:

  • Come to your location, inventory your existing stock and work with you to plan for current or future needs.
  • Set up the bins, including organizing, stocking, and labeling each bin we service.
  • On a regular schedule, based on your needs, take inventory of the bin items, review them with you, and reorder the necessary parts.
  • Deliver and restock all replenishment parts.