Heat Treatment of Bolts and Fasteners

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High-strength or heat-treated fasteners are often required to handle the tensile, shear or combination loads on the bolted joints in demanding applications. Many demanding applications require high-strength fasteners in order to handle high tensile and shear stresses generated by the applied loads on the bolted or fastened joint.

Oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and power generation plants contain boilers, pressure piping vessels, valves and process equipment requiring high-strength bolting to maintain seal closure on flanged joints, fittings and closures. Heat-treated bolts are needed to withstand the tensile stresses within the bolts. High-horsepower industrial mixers and pump drive shafts often require the higher shear strength provided by heat-treated bolts or pins.

Building and construction anchor bolts such as J-bolts, L-bolts or drop-in wedge anchors, attach equipment or structural members to concrete pads or foundations. Structural anchor bolts are made of carbon or fully heat-treated medium alloy steel.

Slip-critical or friction-type joints rely on the clamping force of the bolts developed by press stressing. Bolting of structural components in a construction project requires ASTM A325 or ASTM A490 fasteners in heavily loaded structures, Continue Reading