It’s easy to keep your calibrator accurate!

Service Detail from Beamex, Inc.

It’s easy to keep your calibrator accurate! -Image

In order to maintain the high quality specifications, it's important to keep your Beamex calibrator up to date by regular re-calibration. Furthermore a traceable, accredited calibration certificate is needed if your plant operates according to a quality system, such as the ISO 9000 quality system and/or must provide proof of measurements and traceability to your customers. In critical applications, the costs for an out-of-tolerance situation can be extremely high and therefore it is safer to calibrate your equipment more often.

Located at the Beamex headquarters in Pietarsaari, Finland, Beamex's own accredited, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certified, state-of-the-art calibration laboratory provides recalibration services for a wide range of calibration products and different measurement signals:

• Pressure

• DC current

• DC voltage

• Resistance

• Frequency

• Temperature

The ISO 17025 certified calibration certificate contains valuable information about each individual calibrator, such as its measuring results, expanded uncertainty, deviation, specifications and assessment of compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Beamex's United States Calibration Laboratory

The US calibration laboratory, located just outside of Atlanta, GA, calibrates Beamex equipment and performs repairs. The lab is situated in a digitally controlled environment for both temperature and humidity. Calibration and repair is performed by experienced technicians. The lab also stocks a supply of repair and replacement parts to quickly respond to customer needs. The US laboratory calibrates and repairs Beamex equipment only.

Business benefits from re-calibration:

• Regular re-calibrations maintain the high quality of your specifications

• Minimize risk and cost related to out-of-tolerance situations

• Extend the operating life of a measurement device

• You can utilize Beamex's extensive calibration know-how and experience