New version of Beamex® CMX Calibration Software

Product Announcement from Beamex, Inc.

New version of Beamex® CMX Calibration Software-Image

Beamex has released new version of its Beamex® CMX Calibration Software (v2.7). The new version brings several new improvements and additions in terms of functionality and features of the product.

Beamex® CMX improves every phase of a calibration process:

1. Planning & decision-making
• Plan procedures and calibration strategies.
• Manage all calibration assets.
• Maintain position, device and calibrator databases.
• Automated alerts for scheduled calibrations.

2. Organizing calibration activities
• Create calibration instructions that guide the technician through the calibration.
• Download calibration instructions to a documenting calibrator.
• No need for pen and paper!

3. Executing calibrations
• With documenting calibrators, calibration results stored in the calibrator's memory
can be automatically uploaded back to calibration software.
• No typing errors.

4. Paperless documentation
• Produce reports automatically.
• All calibration data is stored in the database
• Print calibration certificates, reports and labels in electronic format, or on paper.
• Documentation meets regulatory requirements
(e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 17025, FDA, GMP/GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11).

5. Analysis and process improvements
• Analyze what is the optimal calibration interval with History Trend function
in the calibration software.
• All calibration records are easily accessible for audits.

Business benefits of using Beamex® CMX

Reduce costs
1. Paperless calibration management
2. Analyze whether you need to increase or decrease calibration frequency
- good instrument performance justifies reduced calibration frequency

Improve quality and reduce risk
1. Regulatory compliance (e.g. ISO, FDA, GMP/GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11)
2. Create, manage and store calibration data safely and efficiently
3. No more typing errors when documenting calibration data

Increase efficiency
1. Streamline and automate the entire calibration process, reduce time spent from start to finish
2. Replace manual procedures with an automated and validated process
3. Cut production down-time

Main functionality of Beamex® CMX

• Plan & schedule calibrations
• Manage & store all calibration data
• Analyze & optimize calibration interval
• Easy and efficient to use
• Explorer-type user-interface
• Calibrator communication/manual entry
• Pocket PC interface available
• Produce automatically reports, labels & certificates (electronic format/paper)