Precision Electric Actuators...Reduce Emissions

Product Announcement from Beck, Harold Beck & Sons, Inc.

 Precision Electric Actuators...Reduce Emissions-Image

Beck Drives These precision electric actuators for dampers and valves, reduce NOx emmissions. In 1996, EPRI embarked on a control upgrade project that included the replacement of Kingston's Unit #9 pneumatic actuators with Beck drives on all the boiler dampers and burner tilts mechanisms. The results were astounding. EPRI atrributes two thirds of the significant improvements in NOx emissions directly to the Beck drives. No SCRs, separated over-fire air(SOFA), or low-NOx burners were used. Some 9 years later the plant still enjoys the benefits offered by Beck and has since replaced the pneumatic actuators on all of Kingston's Units with Beck drives. Read the complete story published in "Power Engineering" Magazine at