Electric Actuator...Easy Retrofit

Product Announcement from Beck, Harold Beck & Sons, Inc.

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Harold Beck & Sons - Beck Electric Actuators are 4 to 5 times more efficient than typical electric actuators and can therefore operate on low current, 120V, 1-phase power. It's easier than ever to retrofit less efficient 3-phase actuator applications with a Beck drive because Beck Group 11 rotary actuators are now available with integral transformers and to handle common 3-phase voltages. This option allows you to install high performance, high efficiency Beck drives without the need to run new power wires or mount tranformers. Beck's unique motor and gear train design not only make the actuator extremely power efficient, but also provide excellent control performance without the duty-cycle limitations associated with most modulating electric actuators. For more information on the Advantages of Beck electric valve actuators and damper drives go to www.haroldbeck.com.