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Growing Network and Data Center Demands: Choose the Right End-to-End System

 What Is This White Paper About? 

Smart buildings, IoT, wireless and big data call for networks and data centers with more speed, more bandwidth and more power. And all these innovative applications and technology rely on cabling infrastructure (layer 0).

It’s vital to select the right Ethernet cable and connectivity to support this shift. But deciding what you need isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. Even if you can decide between a Category 6 or 6A system, how do you wade through the exhaustive list of choices and pick the right one?

Topics covered in the White Paper:

  • Overview
  • Category 6 or 6A?   10 Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Wading Through Your Choices:   Seven Important Cable and  Connectivity Features
  • REVConnect Systems:  Simplifying Cable and Connectivity Selection