FiberExpress Fusion Splice-On Connectors

Featured Product from Belden Inc.


  • Fewer Splice Management Accessories Required- Eliminates need for splice enclosures and splice trays
  • Flexible Installations- Run exact length channels to eliminate cable shorts and excess slack
  • Reliable Terminations- Automated splicing tools consistently provide the highest quality termination
  • Superior Technology and Affordable Quality- A premium solution without the premium price


  • Fiber Ferrule is Ready for Termination- Factory pre-cleaved and pre-cleaned fiber stub
  • Better Insertion Loss and Return Loss Performance over Mechanical Splice Connectors- Superior performance critical to support high-bandwidth/high-speed transmission to applications (25G, 40G and 100G)
  • Robust Connector for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Compatible Splicer Accessories- FX Fusion holders are compatible with industry leading fusion splicers