New Optical Distribution Frame Cassettes & Frames

Featured Product from Belden Inc.

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Belden’s DCX line – a high-density cross-connect solution that optimizes fiber infrastructure ROI – now offers more solutions for fiber management. The DCX Product Line Extension includes:


  • DCX 6-Port Splice Cassettes (12f), available pre-loaded with 250 µm pigtails (FP code) or empty (FS code) for OM3, OM4, OS2/UPC and OS2/APC applications
  • DCX MPO Adapter Frames, available in 4- and 6-port configurations for OM3, OM4 and OS2/APC applications
  • Telescopic Spools, which relieve patch cord stress when opening DCX housing trays
  • Patch Cord Slack Storage Modules, which allow cable management using standard cord lengths when exceeding two cabinets per row, store slack between cabinet tandems and are pre-loaded with 15 spools
  • Horizontal In-Cabinet Channels, which create horizontal pathways for single- and double-row cabinets for the optical distribution frame, with up to 12 cabinets per row
  • Rear Channel Kits, which include four trays and a patch cord funnel, and are available in black or white, as well as in left-right and right-left configurations