Why Reliable Networks Require Category 6A Cable

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White Paper: What began as a single network to support voice and data has expanded into a network that still supports these systems, but also wireless access points, access control systems, video surveillance, digital signage, LED lighting, nurse call systems and much more.   GET MY WHITE PAPER

What Is This White Paper About?

Many of these systems call for longer reach (the devices will be up to 100 m away from a switch), higher Power over Ethernet (PoE) levels of up to 100W and 100% uptime and connectivity for data collection and sharing.
This means that your layer 0 (cabling and connectivity infrastructure) must be able to manage multiple systems that all require more bandwidth and less latency.

In the past, Category 6A cabling systems could be thought of as “nice to have” – not a necessity to doing business. But times are changing. There are many factors impacting the type of cable that should be used today to build a network infrastructure.

Topics covered in the White Paper:

  • Overview
  • Factors Driving the Need for Category 6A Cabling
  • What Has Changed About Category 6A?
  • How to Choose the Right Category 6A Cable
  • Category 6A Cables Offering Full Reach and Power Delivery
  • The Skinny on 28 AWG Patch Cords
  • Belden’s 10GXW: The Industry’s Smallest-Diameter Category 6A Cable