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EV: Robust charging station infrastructure

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White Paper: Why Your Warehouse Needs an OT Network to Meet Future Demands

Learn how deploying an Operational Technology (OT) network can transform your warehouse operations with increased efficiency, revenue capture, cybersecurity, IT-OT convergence, and real-time visibility.

Learn More https://www.belden.com/Resources/Why-Your-Warehouse-Needs-an-OT-Network-to-Meet-Future-Demands-Its-Now-or-Never


White Paper: Uninterrupted Power: 10 Ways MPLS-TP Technology Reinforces Utility Networks

Discover MPLS-TP, a critical technology for power companies, offering deterministic performance, scalability, and enhanced security compared to IP/MPLS. With Belden's XTran, transitioning to packet-based protocols becomes seamless, ensuring the reliability and security of utility networks amid evolving demands.

Learn More Uninterrupted Power: 10 Ways MPLS-TP Technology Reinforces Utility Networks


White Paper: As More EVs Hit the Road, Charging Stations Must Become the Priority

As electric vehicles become increasingly common worldwide, the need for a robust EV charging infrastructure becomes paramount. However, the current number of public charging stations falls far short of demand, with only 5% of US EVs able to charge simultaneously.  

Read More https://www.belden.com/Resources/As-More-EVs-Hit-the-Road-Charging-Stations-Must-Become-the-Priority