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Save Patch Panel Space with Micro BNCs Connectors

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As emerging technology is being integrated into live production environments—including augmented and virtual reality, OTT streaming and the migration to IP—more cabling infrastructure is required and the patch panels that connect incoming and outgoing cables are becoming congested. 


Many high-density patch panels offer fiber, copper and coax ports to facilitate all three types of connections—but the number of fiber ports in each patch panel is increasing as more of today’s broadcast technologies call for fiber. This leaves less room for copper and coax connections—even though they’re still needed to connect and manage cables to support devices like routers, processors, amplifiers and replay servers.


In situations where patch-panel space is at a premium, Micro BNCs are a great option. They look and function similarly to standard BNC connectors, but they’re designed for applications that require high performance in high-density environments.


The Benefits of Micro BNCs

How are standard and Micro BNCs different?

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Complete solution for cable customers needing connectivity and tooling for 12 GHz coaxial connections.   

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