Silicone Coated Belts

Product Announcement from Belt Corporation of America

Silicone Coated Belts-Image

Belt Corporation of America offers custom silicone coated belts, silicone coated knitted endless belts, and mandrel wrapped silicone belts.

We supply custom belts for your industrial needs!  We offer unlimited belting possibilities to meet your specific requirements ranging from standard timing belts and flat belts to belts designed for unique applications.

Silicone Coated Belts

  • High heat and release applications
  • Mandrel construction applied with fiberglass
  • Silicone coated timing belts and flat belts
  • Knitted endless Kevlar® with silicone covers
  • Silicone Kevlar ® timing belts

Please visit our Silicone Belts: Specifications Catalog for detailed information

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