High Quality, Cost Effective Mechanical Pump Seals

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As an alternative to packing materials Mechanical Seals can compensate for shaft width, axial/radial end play, vibration & wearing of the sealing faces in pump applications.  They are available In both Single and Multi Spring variations.

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Berliss offers a variety of seals including single-spring mechanical, cartridge and split seals. Berliss also offers gasket and packing materials.

At Berliss, the following seals are available:

  • High-quality, single-spring mechanical seals with a variety of mating surfaces such as carbon, ceramic, carbon silicon tungsten and ni-resist.
  • We also provide a variety of elastomers that include: Viton and Buna.
  • Seal types include: type 1, 2, 21, 6, 6a and 8, all with a range of shaft diameter from 3/8th to 3 inches.
  • Several types of braided packing materials. The product range includes varying temperature ratings and materials.
  • Cartridge, split seals and lip seals

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