Door Heaters

Product Announcement from Berner International Corporation

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Heating loss has always been a problem when shipping and receiving doors are frequently opened and closed. The infiltration of cold air makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable working environment.

Berner Direct Gas Fired Door Heater's are the economical solution to this problem. A duct axial fan directs a high velocity stream of heated air towards the door opening. The hot air mixes with the incoming cold air providing a warm comfortable environment.

The door heater is activated through a limit switch. When the door is opened there is a brief pre-purge and safety function check. The fan starts, directing a high velocity stream of hot air that heats the incoming cold air.

Engineered for versatility the door heater can be mounted at any angle between horizontal and vertical to satisfy most applications. All heaters are factory assembled and shipped ready for connection to electric power and natural gas supplies.

Standard Features

  • Electronic Flame Safeguard with LED Status Indicating Lights
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Control Transformer
  • Ignition Transformer
  • Sparktrode
  • Interrupted Pilot
  • Main Fuel Safety Valve
  • High & Low Gas Pressure Switches*
  • High Temperature Limit Switch
  • Remote Station for Floor Mounting with Status Indicating Lights and Summer/Off/Winter Selector Switch
  • Door Switch
  • Air Flow Switch
  • Rear Inlet Guard
  • Block & Vent Valves**
  • 12 Ga. Hot Rolled Steel Housing
  • Finish is Air-Dry Alkyd Enamel Applied over Phosphatized Steel
  • F.M. & I.R.I. Models Available