PATCO Surface Protection Tapes

Product Announcement from Berry Plastics Corporation - Engineered Materials Division

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Did you know that PATCO offers a full, comprehensive line of polyurethane film tapes for even the most challenging industrial surface protection applications? For everything from shot peening in metal cleaning operations, leading edge protection, air foil and ground effects panels on racing cars and trucks, to other metal, plastic and wood surfaces, PATCO has the product you need!

With products for a wide range of industrial surface protection applications for metals, plastics, and other hard surfaces subjected to UV, corrosion, puncture, impacts, abrasion and other harmful effects, PATCO's line of performance engineered tapes includes a solution to fill your application needs:


Patco 8100 & 8100SW: An elastic and extremely durable 9 mil transparent polyurethane film tape with a specially formulated polyurethane adhesive designed for short or long-term surface protection from scratching and chipping due to constant abrasion or impact. 8100SW is the only polyurethane film tape available without a release liner.

Patco 8125: 9.5 mils thick, Transparent, Tough, and Durable. Ideal for indoor surface protection and may be used for short-term outdoor uses.

Patco 8150: An exceptionally tough and durable 14 mil polyurethane film tape designed to protect surfaces from serious abrasion, chipping, and scratching. Ideal for short and long term applications, 8150 removes cleanly from surfaces.

Patco 8450: 9.5 mils thick; A matte black adhesive coated polyurethane film tape with acrylic adhesive. Extremely conformable and exceptionally tough.


Patco 8210: 14.5 mil, Exceptionally tough outdoor grade polyurethane film tape with acrylic adhesive. Offers permanent bonds for UV resistance and abrasion protection. Transparent & conformable, it works well on contoured surfaces that are hard to protect. Ideal surface protection on most high-wear surfaces such as leading edges on aircraft wings, propellers, and wind generator blades. Offers good resistance to many solvents & fuels.

Patco 8275-92 UVPROTEK: Regenerative UV protection blocks harmful rays to prevent sun damage. Abrasion resistant backing to protect surfaces. Permanent adhesive will not lift, stain, dry out or leave residue upon removal. Ideal surface protection on most high-wear surfaces such as leading edges on aircraft wings, propellers, and wind generator blades. Protection of outdoor plastic or teak furniture.

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