Torque Limiting Modules

Product Announcement from Bibby Transmissions Group

Torque Limiting Modules-Image

Bibbygard torque limiting modules are designed to be incorporated between two flanges and preset to release at a specified torque value in order to protect the drive system from expensive damage and lost production. They can be used with various types of drive medium many of which are available from Altra Industrial Motion. Bibbigard has been successfully utilized in many different industries where, subject to space availability, the release torque capacity is virtually unlimited.

  • Accurate release torque repeatability
  • Simple fast manual re-engagement
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Versatile mounting capability

Typical Applications:

  • Steel Mill Equipment
  • Conveyor Drives
  • Twin Screw Extruders
  • Wood Grinding Machinery
  • Ball Mill Drives
  • Water Treatment Equipment
  • Tunnel Boring Machines