3DLevelScanner accurately measures ingredients

Featured Product from BinMaster, Inc.

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BinMaster's 3D technology accurately measures food ingredients in silos. It is the only sensor that measures more than a single point on the material surface. Plus, it is the only technology that gives food plants, grain elevators, and ingredient manufacturers a 3D image of what's in the silo. Purchasing and processing will know just how much they have and what they will need to order, with the 3DLevelScanner!

The 3DLevelScanner aka the 3D Solids Scanner, accurately measures ingredients used in both human and animal foods. Ingredients stored in silos are notoriously difficult to measure. Powders, granules, and other solids are prone to uneven distribution when added to or emptied from the silo during processing. 3D level sensing technology was created to address these difficulties, bringing volume accuracy to a new level!