Non-Contact, Dust-Penetrating Sensor

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Non-Contact, Dust-Penetrating Sensor for Accurate Volume Measurement

The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner provides continuous, non-contact level measurement using dust penetrating technology to provide unsurpassed bin volume accuracy. Unlike single point devices, it works by measuring multiple points within the bin. This advanced acoustics-based technology is proven to perform in a variety of industries in powders and bulk solids contained in tanks, silos, domes, warehouses, open bins and piles. Its unique 3D mapping capabilities provide a visual representation of bin contents, detecting irregular material surfaces, cone up or down conditions, as well as sidewall buildup. It is self-cleaning, requires minimal maintenance and features a variety of extensions and configurations to allow it to be used in a wide range of challenging applications.

There are different models of the 3DLevelScanner to address variations in silo size, desired volume accuracy and your budget. For very large bins, a multiple scanner system can provide a very high level of accuracy in dusty environments where the material surface is irregular.
There are also scanners for high temperature applications and with a Teflon coating to prevent buildup of material on the sensor. For level applications, the RL acoustic level sensor is an affordable option for non-contact level sensing in high dust.

For operations that have multiple scanners, there is MultiVision software for viewing all vessels in a single screen. Other helpful options include mounting flanges, angled mounting adapters, and neck extensions for applications where the sensor must be extended below the structure.