Non-Contact Radar For Solids Level Measurement

Featured Product from BinMaster, Inc.

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Get the powerful 80 GHz radar level sensor you need along with the options to help reduce costs and simplify installation. BinMaster - with its vertically integrated machine shop and in-house engineering - ensures you get a complete solution at a budget that won't break the bank.

Mounting made simpler:
- 0° and a 30° mounting plates for slanted roofs
- 10° and 8° swiveling holders with directional aiming
- A variety of flange sizes and adapter flanges
- No need for on-site or contracted fabrication

Local data display:
- Access from the ground or a vehicle
- Mounts in a convenient location
- Push-button operation

Binventory™ PC software:
- On your LAN, WAN, or VPN
- No programming, simple setup
- No recurring costs
- One or many bins and locations

BinView™ web application:
- From your phone, tablet, or PC
- 24/7 access anywhere there's internet

Reduce wiring costs:
- Wireless gateways and transceivers
- Eliminate long spans of costly wiring

BinMaster is here to help you make your operation safer and to protect the interests of your employees and profitability. Email us, give us a call at 800-278-4241, or invite us for a visit to your facility to get more ideas that can make your workplace better.