MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment System

Product Announcement from Bio-Microbics, Incorporated

MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment System-Image

Dependable, Affordable...FAST®

MicroFAST® wastewater treatment systems are ideally suited for use in residential development dwellings, clustered residential developments and small communities. MicroFAST modules can also be used to upgrade struggling municipal package plants, providing small communities with innovative, affordable options versus centralized wastewater systems. Proven, Safe, Reliable.

FAST® is simply great technology, based on environmentally sound and simple scientific principles. The FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) process employs a unique hybrid combination of attached and suspended growth in an aerobic, packed bed bioreactor. This proven IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) combination includes the stability of fully-submerged, fixed-film media and the effectiveness of activated sludge treatment, making the innovative, patented FAST system technologically advanced and extraordinarily reliable.

Nitrification and denitrification projects are much easier with FAST technology. Multiple biological, bio-chemical, chemical and physical processes occur simultaneously within the FAST® wastewater treatment system. FAST wastewater treatment systems have proven themselves to consistently reduce nitrogen levels - including nitrates and all other nitrogen species - at exceptionally high percentage rates