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Molex Mini-Fit Power Connectors
The Mini-Fit Jr., Mini-Fit Plus, Mini-Fit Blind-Mate Interface (BMI) and Mini-Fit TPA2 Connectors offer polarized housings with isolated terminals, positive locks, and low-engagement forces. All versions of Mini-Fit Jr. and Mini-Fit Plus Connectors are compatible with each other, including with Mini-Fit TPA2 and Mini-Fit BMI Components, bringing flexibility to the toughest design dilemmas. Mini-Fit BMI Connectors allow misalignment and provide up to 2.54mm of float between mating surfaces for easy blind-mate connections. Mini-Fit TPA2 Connectors prevent end-product failure by offering terminal position assurance (TPA), which reduces terminal back-out by providing locking redundancy. Mini-Fit TPA2 Receptacles are backward compatible with Mini-Fit Jr. Headers, eliminating the need for customers to make major revisions or investments in their applications.


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Over the past six months bisco industries has added over 2.5 million products to its online catalog. The expansion of our online catalog provides engineers and purchasing agents with additional flexibility to find solutions for current and upcoming projects. Users can now search and filter newly added products by part number, product description, dimensions, and many other attributes.

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In the coming months we plan to continue growing our online catalog and are targeting to add an another one million products. In addition to our expanded online catalog, we remain focused on providing local, personal service to each and every client. bisco industries now has 48 local offices and 7 distribution centers in North America.

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