New Vibration Resistant Rotary Latch

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Southco Introduces New Vibration Resistant Rotary Latch

Southco’s new R4-10 rotary latch features an integrated rubber bumper that eliminates noise and vibration caused by normal operating conditions. The R4-10 rotary latch is available in single and two-stage options and features a design that traps the striker between a rubber bumper and the rotor. Without the extra clearance or room to move, any potential noise caused by metal-on-metal movement or vibration is eliminated.

Key Features of the R4-10 Rotary Latch
•Integrated bumper eliminates noise and vibration
•Two-stage cam design prevents false latching
•Provides concealed latching with push-to-close convenience
•Compact design minimizes protrusion within enclosure applications
•Allows remote actuation when paired with Southco cables and actuators
•View detailed specs

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What is a Draw Latch?

Draw Latch Description

Draw latches operate on the principle of drawing two items together using tension. The main components of a draw latch assembly are the blade (a hooked plate or a wire formed loop), the keeper (a hooked plate that receives the blade), and the hinge. The tension is created when the blade is hooked to the keeper and clamped down. For typical draw latches the tension is released when the latch is rotated to a vertical positon and is applied when the latch is rotated to a horizontal position.

Draw Latch Styles

Despite shared functionality, draw latches come in many different styles.

Draw Latch Applications

Because of the simplicity and effectiveness of draw latches they are utilized in a large number of applications. Draw latch applications include HVAC systems, exhibits, signs, agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, trucks, and lawn/garden equipment.

Learn More About Draw Latches


For more information about draw latches view these helpful catalog pages from Southco or contact bisco’s product support team.

Where to Buy Draw Latches

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