CUSTOM DC Motors from Bison Gear

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CUSTOM DC Motors from Bison Gear

Bison has a team of engineers dedicated to providing optimized solutions for your specific requirements. These solutions range from modified assemblies of standard components to complete custom designs.

Our lean manufacturing environment accommodates short-run, unique components and assemblies. We build customs everyday, supported by two-bin component inventory. Let one of our Application Engineers review your design.



  • Bison PMDC motor utilized in baseball pitching machines has a custom shaft design and features an optical encoder for feedback.
  • Bison 200 Series gearmotor with a Brushless DC input motor to drive a conveyor on a circuit board processing machine.
  • Bison 200 Series AC gearmotor developed for a high shock load application, incorporating an all helical gear-train
  • Bison 562 Series offset custom configurable, hollow shaft gearmotor.
  • Bison 588 Series offset gearmotor, rated at 2000 in- lbs, was custom designed to handle the high shock loads seen in flake ice machines.
  • Hollow, offset, parallel shaft gearmotor designed for a conveyor drive in the food industry with tight space constraints.

About Bison Gear:

Bison has distinguished itself as a manufacturer with a strong engineering tradition who provides substantial added value in the power transmission and motion control products it brings to market. Our robust, durable products have found a home in some of industry's most demanding applications, supported by our Robusticity™ quality/design philosophy. About 20% of our production are proprietary custom designs and many of our standard units are modified to meet application requirements, so please let us know your needs. Our website is designed to assist you in arriving at a product that matches your specifications.

We're dedicated to continually improving the value chain we support in helping our customers achieve success in their markets. Let us know how we're doing.

View our extensive line of industry leading products:

  • AC Right Angle Gearmotors - Our new hollow shaft gearmotor line saves you money by reducing costs in mounting and shaft requirements (available in both domestic and international voltages).
  • 100mm AC - For tight-spaces requiring big power these new 4" dia., 1/8 hp (93 w) motors offer larger motor power in 30% less volume.
  • DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors - Input motors offered in 12, 24, 90, 130, and 180 volts DC. Power available ranges from 1/40th to ½ hp.
  • DC Right Angle Gearmotors - Bison offers a variety of motors to attach to our DC right angle gearboxes (available in a right, left, dual, or hollow orientation).
  • Brushless DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors - Our 34-frame Sensorless Brushless parallel shaft gearmotors are perfect for those customers desiring maintenance-free variable speed operation of their equipment
  • FlexTorq™ (Hollow Shaft) Gearmotors - Increased low speed center distance, coupled with greater clearance for wider faced gears, the FlexTorq™ line allows for close to twice the continuous torque ratings! (1100 in-lbs. continuous vs. competitor's 600 in-lbs.)
  • VWDIR Gearmotors - This series is available in both a 115V Shaded Pole Open Fan Cooled AC and 115V Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled AC Designs.
  • DC Motors - Bison's recently introduced PMDC motor line has over twenty stock configurations to choose from with power ranges from 1/53 to 1/6 HP. Multiple voltage configurations are available including 12, 24, 90, 130, and 180 volts DC.
  • Multi-Tech™ Gear Reducers - Use Bison's AGMA rated geartrains with your input power. Power ranges from 1/10 hp to 1.5 hp, and a variety of industry standard mounts.
  • AC Drives & Accessories - To enhance your AC product, Bison offers several accessories such as drives, mounting bases, brakes, or shaft adapters.
  • DC Drives & Accessories - To augment your DC product, Bison offers several accessories such as drives, mounting bases, brakes, shaft mount encoders, or shaft adapters.
  • BLDC Drives & Accessories - Used with sensorless BLDC Gearmotor. The drive detects rotor position at motor stand still, based on motor phase-inductance measurement.
  • Closeouts - Limited quantity gearmotors, reducers, and motors available for sale through All units come with Bison's standard 1 year warranty.
  • ServoNOW - Integrated Intelligent Motor + Controls - The ServoNOW™ Motion Control System design features a closed loop brushless servomotor with built-in drivers, controllers and feedback devices in a single compact package.