Nonwoven Fabric Urethane and Epoxy Coating

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Nonwoven Fabric Urethane and Epoxy Coating-Image

Bondex has a wide range of technical capabilities, and we invite you to innovate with us by utilizing these capabilities as tools to bring solutions to your application. Consider how we can align our capabilities with your needs and contact us to discuss further.

  • Coating with 1 m wide vertical coating tower
  • Ability to coat with polyester coatings on various substrates including woven glass
  • Urethane based coatings and epoxy coatings
  • B-stage epoxy and others


Bondex has the Ability to produce webs from PET, PP, PPS, m-aramid, polyimide (P84), p-aramid.

  • High pressure hydro-entangling; ability to produce with splittable fibers and fine fibers
  • Equipped with cross-lapper and web drafter to control MD/CD balance
  • Basis Weight1.8 oz/yd2 to 17.7 oz/yd2, Maximum width 90″
  • Annual Capacity -2 million yards


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Bondex is an innovative nonwovens and specialty roll goods manufacturing company located in South Carolina, USA. As a proud member of Andrew Industries Limited, a privately owned U.K. multi-national manufacturing company, our mission is to bring value to our customers through superior service, innovation and product quality.

Bondex has been producing technical nonwovens with thermal bond technology since 1997, serving markets which include reprographics, electrical insulation, filtration, medical and home care.

Our company continues to invest for growth. The most recent expansion is in hydro-entangled technology, specifically designed to produce heavier weight nonwovens for industrial filtration and other specialty products. The Hydrolox® family of filtration media offers the industrial filtration market a new range of performance which meets the changing needs of today’s industry.

Bondex invites you to innovate with us through our wide range of technical capabilities. Consider how we can align our capabilities with your needs and contact us to discuss further.