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Boyd Corporation has a longstanding history in innovative metal science solutions which has been augmented recently by the 2017 acquisition of Aavid Thermalloy. The acquisition of Aavid, the most recognized thermal solutions provider in the world, also included other leading global thermal brands like Thermacore Inc., Niagara Thermal Products, and Allcast. Thermacore Inc. played a pivotal role in the development and commercialization of two phase cooling technologies such as heat pipes as well as metal and material sciences for advanced cooling systems. Niagara Thermal Products serviced the aerospace and defense markets and was best known for their expertise with heat exchangers. While Allcast had a long history in industrial-focused die casting, including but not limited to complex thermal solutions. These pioneering histories rich in thermal innovation and material science continue today as a core tenet of the thermal and metal science solutions portfolios of Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd. Combine that with Boyd Corporation’s own knowledge and expertise and you have a leader at the forefront of Metal Sciences with unsurpassed capabilities and capacity.

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Boyd Corporation has over 90 years of customer-focused performance success and is a global leader in advanced sealing, thermal management and protection solutions. From humble beginnings as an industrial fabricator in the Bay Area of California in 1928, Boyd has evolved into a dynamic global innovator. Empowering human curiosity through the safe exploration of space. Enhancing the safety and flexibility of medical care and transportation. Enabling faster, brighter, more functional technology with greater power density. From self-driving cars to brain surgery, space stations to smart farming, high powered computing devices to wearable medical technologies. As our customers redefine their markets and technology – unique solutions from Boyd empower them to be possible.