EMI/RFI Shielding

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These solutions are ideal for EMI/RFI shielding applications requiring excellent shielding performance as well as high conformability, compressibility, cushioning, tight contact and dimensionally tight tolerances. Boyd’s EMI shielding can be designed for electronic devices that need soft cushioning, electrical conductance and tight contact.

EMI ABSORBER: Boyd’s LectroShield EMI absorbers are designed to eliminate electrical “noise” in sensitive devices. Where EMI shielding reflects electromagnetic waves, an EMI absorber retains the energy from the waves protecting the device from interference and crosstalk. EMI absorbers are commonly used last minute fix to manage EMI/RFI when device redesign is not possible. 

EMI absorbers can be flexible or rigid, easy to die cut, and available with PSA for easy application. They are dielectric so they can be used near metals and do not require an electrical ground. For these reasons, EMI absorber applications are diverse and vary greatly from a more traditional EMI shielding gasket.