Thermal Interface Materials 101

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Watch>>>Thermal Interface Materials 101– Enhanced Cooling for Electronic Systems
Consumer demand is hot for more compact, more powerful electronics. But the denser circuits required for smaller devices generate more heat, making higher performing thermal management materials a necessity. In this webinar, Boyd Corporation and 3M™ will focus on thermal management materials that quickly and efficiently dissipate heat, even within tight spaces.

Insulation & Shielding
Insulation and shielding solutions protect sensitive components and users from extreme temperatures, excessive acoustic energy, uncontrolled electricity, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio frequency interference (RFI). Insulation and shielding solutions help improve user safety, adoption, and the reliability and efficiency of complex systems. Boyd Corporation offers solutions that help protect and manage acoustics, extreme heat and cold, electricity, and EMI/ RFI in a variety of formats and materials.

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