Webinar: The Engineer's Guide To Medical Wearables

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Wearable medical devices that help patients monitor and manage chronic illness are the conduit between a medical professional's treatment plan and the patient's ability to maintain an independent, active lifestyle; but, in order to allow for such a routine, wearables have to meet several requirements. Patients need devices that easily integrate into their daily lives and are personalized, easy to use and comfortable with long-lasting power.

We know that designing a device that checks all of these boxes is no easy feat. That's why we've compiled our knowledge from working with design engineers and device manufacturers around the world to develop this guide. You will learn about a wide array of missteps your peers have encountered when bringing a wearable medical device to market, and more importantly, how to avoid them.

3M and Boyd Corporation team up to discuss the importance of addressing system design, how materials work together, device manufacturability, and how to keep the patient top-of-mind to help innovators like you get it right. Our goal is to help you innovate wearable technologies that improve people's quality of life and eliminate stressors.