Economical Thermal Destruction of VOCs

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Thermal and Catalyst Oxidizers for VOC control

Thermal Oxidation
A Thermal Oxidizer will combine the right combination of high temperature, turbulent conditions, and residence time to assure the complete combustion of volatile organic compounds or other contaminants in the air stream. Thermal Oxidizers can be built to handle any size volume of gas. However, even with thermal recovery, most units are less than 20,000 cfm (34000 m3/h).

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)High VOC concentrations
In operation, heat from hot purified gas is transferred to a structured ceramic media in recovery chambers. Contaminated process gas enters the RTO inlet manifold, and is directed into one of the energy recovery chambers, by the use of a system of inlet and outlet butterfly valves and manifolds. The gas passes through the first heat recovery chamber, where it absorbs heat from a bed of structured ceramic media, which acts as a heat exchanger. This pre-heated gas then enters a combustion chamber where oxidation destroys the VOCs at elevated temperatures. Fuel is introduced, if necessary, but if the process gas contains a high enough VOC content combustion will occur without using fuel. Limiting or eliminating fuel usage may result in substantial cost savings.

Catalytic Oxidation
At lower VOC concentrations (2500 ppm), catalytic oxidation reduces the cost of fuel significantly.

Typically, operating temperatures will be 1/3 of those used in a thermal oxidizer. In many cases, only 500-600º F (260-320º C ) is required for good performance.

Shop fabricated capacities of up to 25,000 cfm (42500 m3/h) are available.

Solvent Concentration
Where large volumes must be handled, we can provide a solvent concentration stage using a special media which captures the VOC and then is regenerated. This allows the released VOC gas to be sent to a much smaller oxidizer. The result is a reliable system with low operating cost.

Branch Environmental supplies custom built pollution control equipment for industry. Our air pollution control equipment can clean up acids, organics, aerosols and mist to meet any emission control standards. Our equipment is also used for water treatment, including removal of volatile organics, ammonia and other gases.