AST-100® In-Line Process Viscosity Controller

Product Announcement from AMETEK Brookfield

The AST-100 In-Line Viscosity Controller with advanced sensor technology is simple in design, rugged and reliable. It has no moving parts and its clean-in-place design makes it a low maintenance device. Call for our new brochure to learn how you can improve product quality with continuous on-line viscosity measurement and control. This high performance, cost-effective instrument is specifically designed for use with low to medium viscosity fluids like printing inks and food batter

Features & Benefits:

No moving parts to wear, bind or contact process materials

Simple Clean-In-Place design

Rugged 316 SS construction

Continuous, reliable 4-20 mA output

Measurement is not effected by vibration or changes in flow rate

Saves you money while increasing your production

Easy installation