CAP 1000+ & CAP 2000+ Cone Plate Viscometers

Product Announcement from AMETEK Brookfield

Brookfield, the world leader in the measurement and control of viscosity, now offers the new and improved Cap 1000+ & CAP 2000+ Cone/Plate Viscometer, a flexible R&D instrument with excellent material performance testing capabilities. Its rugged design also allows use as a production floor instrument appropriate for QC applications.

The New CAP 2000+ viscometer offers a viscosity measurement range from 5 to 1,000 Poise, lower shear rates from 10 sec-1 to 13,000 sec-1, and an expanded temperature range from 5°C to 235°C. The CAP 2000+ also features a simple, user-friendly keypad interface and a space saving smaller footprint. The open access plate makes sample prep and clean up simple and quick.

The CAP 1000+ is a single speed 750 or 900 rpm instrument, ideal for QC. Optional choice of alternative speed is available upon request.

The CAP 2000+ is ideal for typical cone and plate applications including paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, polymers and resins. For example, it meets ASTM D4287, ISO 2884 and BS 3900 industry standards, which require high shear rate testing to simulate brushing or roller action.