ProMax - powerful versatile process-simulation

Product Announcement from Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc.

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ProMax: Why You NEED ProMax...

ProMax is a powerful and versatile stream based process simulation package. It is used by engineers around the world to design and optimize gas processing, refining, and chemical facilities. ProMax contains over 50 thermodynamic package combinations, over 2300 components, OLE Automation tie-ins, specifiers, solvers, crude oil characterization and Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet embedding. ProMax offers all of this with amazing flexibility and ease of use.

ProMax is built on technology proven over the past 30 years. Its predecessors, TSWEET and PROSIM, are widely recognized by the industry for their accuracy and efficiency. With ProMax, BR&E has continued to build on its reputation as a leading provider of simulation technology by focusing on several key processes. These processes include amine sweetening, glycol dehydration, equipment rating/sizing, crude oil refining, LPG/NGL recovery & fractionation as well as caustic treating. These processes are not the limit. ProMax is a uniquely extensible software package and may be customized to meet the needs of each individual client.

ProMax was created by engineers for engineers. Because of this, ProMax is the "must have" simulation resource for engineers throughout the oil, gas and chemical industries. Its intuitive interface makes setting up even the most complex of flowsheets a relatively simple task. Tools are available to interact with Excel and other powerful programs to make ProMax a powerful and versatile tool.

Meeting the Demands of Today’s Engineer - Customer Services

A ProMax license includes much more than just outstanding software with extensive online help. BR&E provides free technical support, free initial modeling for our operating company clients and free training. If the numerous process examples and detailed help included in ProMax do not answer all of your questions, you have peace of mind knowing that the BR&E support staff is just a call away.