Acrylic Foam Tapes are Superior to Fasteners

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When you hear the term “bonding solutions,” you probably think about traditional mechanical fasteners or even liquid adhesives, but what about tape? What if I told you that certain high bond tapes could be the ultimate bonding solution for your application?

 Glues & Liquid Adhesives

• Cure times can take hours, especially if environmental factors are present

• The production costs of liquids goften outweigh those of tapes

• Oozing and overflowing not only creates a mess, but also generates waste. Tapes, especially when die-cut, create minimal waste while the adhesive is confined to the bonding area

• Extra equipment is needed to dispense liquids and can be difficult to maintain over time

Mechanical Fasteners

• Foamed acrylic tapes absorb energy and stress, eliminating the possibility of weak points unlike  rivets and fasteners

• Over time, rivets and fasteners will rust after being exposed to moisture, and sunlight

• Virbrational fatigue can be compensated for by using acrylic foam tapes, helping extend the life of the joint

• Foamed acrylics give engineers more design freedom by enabling lightweight, and cost efficient designs

 3M VHB High Bond Acrylic Foam Tapes

• Allow for clean and easy installation

• Improved aesthetics

• Ideal for bonding dissimilar materials 

• Viscoelastic properties of high bond tapes provide strong adhesion while remaining flexible & compensating for joint expansion and contraction

• Withstand the extreme heat and cold, vibration, moisture and UV light


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