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It may seem odd to some that there are more than 10,000 distinct types of adhesive tape in today's marketplace, but that huge variety is essential to the high quality and cost-effective production of an even greater number of consumer products. The downside to this wealth of options is that finding, evaluating and comparing the different types of tape can be a complex and time-consuming task. But the product sourcing company Budnick Converting, Inc., a leader in adhesive tape trading and converting, has introduced a user-friendly adhesive tape search engine at tapeinfo.com to make it a more manageable job and provide users with true decision facilitating information.

Tapeinfo.com boasts an innovative interface that allows its users to search, browse and refine selections of adhesive tapes based on the criteria that matter most to engineers, purchasing agents and operations personnel within industrial manufacturing industries. In addition to making it easier to search for adhesive tapes, tapeinfo.com also streamlines processes for ordering the products at discounts and requesting custom price quotes.

Budnick Converting, Inc., which has its own separate corporate information site at budnickconverting.com, is an adhesive tape trading company that converts standard adhesive tapes and foams into customized, process-ready shapes, lengths and layouts.

"As the authoritative Web site of the adhesive tape industry, TapeInfo.com has become the industry standard among engineers, purchasing agents and operations personnel in the industrial arena for finding adhesive tape information, products and converting services," explains Lance Schneider, e-Business Manager of Budnick Converting, Inc.

Tapeinfo.com makes use of multiple search modules so that it can be used by prospective customers from all areas of the diverse industrial manufacturing industry. Users can search based on specific tape application issues or technical datasheet information, and they can even build a custom tape by providing specifications to the product sourcing company.

In 2005, not long after the launch of tapeinfo.com, the site was named one of the year's "10 Great Web Sites" by btobonline.com, a leading online magazine for business-to-business marketing specialists.

To learn more about the adhesive tape trading company Budnick Converting, Inc., please visit budnickconverting.com.

About Budnick Converting, Inc.:

Budnick Converting, Inc. is a product sourcing company specializing in converting adhesive tapes, foams and other flexible materials into custom shapes, sizes and configurations. Budnick's experts are committed to delivering innovative solutions in a timely manner to provide their clients with shorter sourcing times, lower material costs, efficient tape application systems and high-value final products.