Continuous Blending

Product Announcement from Buflovak LLC

PK Continuous Powder Processing System

Patterson-Kelley has taken the proven technology of the Zig-Zag® continuous blender and reduced the size specifically for the pharmaceutical and research and development industries. The new continuous powder processing system is small enough to provide a perfect lab unit while matching the production capacity of much larger batch blenders. Stainless steel skin provides washdown capability, perfect for cleanroom use.

The Zig Zag shells are interchangeable; one drive station can use both the 8 cm and 10 cm shells. State of the art controls integrate feeders and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) devices for process knowledge and control. PK offers the Continuous Powder Processing System in two models: Solids/Solids and Liquid/Solids


  • Intensifier bar available for use in drum section
  • New pharma sized unit perfect for process development, pilot plant work and production
  • The new pharma size system is available with integrated feeders and PAT device
  • Stainless steel shell designed for washdown capability
  • Can produce equivalent product rates of larger batch blenders
  • Smaller size fits in lab area
  • Testing and production can be accomplished in single unit
  • Can be mounted on an elevation for dispensing of product directly into tablet press
  • Uniformly disperse the smallest amount of additives throughout a mix, regardless of particle size or shape
  • Addition of two immersible liquids simultaneously is available
  • Discharges a uniform quantity of material of constant volume and weight with each revolution
  • Typical residence times (average blend time) are around 3 minutes
  • Homogeneously blends a number of materials
  • Continuous operation for cost-effective, high-volume production
  • Proportioned feeding/variety of feeders depending on required product accuracy
  • Spray nozzle option
  • Customized features to suit your product applications:
  • Type of bar
  • Slope, inlet and discharge configurations
  • Shell diameter
  • Speed of Rotation

Solid-Solids Model Features

  • Blending accuracy matches and often surpasses that of batch units
  • Uniformly disperses minute additives throughout the mix, regardless of particle sizes or shapes
  • Can repeatedly achieve intimate blends of one part in 5,000

Liquid-Solids Model Features

  • Utilizes PK's liquid-dispersion head to release metered liquid centrifugally as a mist of controlled droplet size
  • Liquid mist contacts only the particles, never reaches the eccentric drum wall
  • Processing conditions can be adjusted so liquid addition imparts desired characteristics to the solid feed
  • Continuous processing
  • Blend and granulate ingredients
  • Blend flavors/lubricant prior to tableting