Change injection mold tooling in a snap

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FasTie® Quick Ejector Tie-In System quickly "ties-in" the mold ejector plate to the press ejection system in an injection molding press, dramatically reducing mold change time. The greatest time savings are realized in presses where space is limited and the ejector system is difficult to tie in using solid knock-out bars.

The FasTie coupler is permanently mounted to the press ejector plate. The quick-connect locking mechanism in the coupler snaps mechanically onto the mold-mounted stud during mold installation.

To release the ejectors, apply shop air to the coupler. The coupler opens to release the stud, disconnecting the press and tooling ejector plates. The coupler remains in the open position, ready for a new mold to be set.

For multiple ejector locations, an air manifold is recommended to release all couplers simultaneously.

Available sizes

  • 1-inch presses 500 tons and under
  • 1-3/8-inch for intermediate size presses and center knockout applications
  • 2-inch for presses larger than 750 tons
  • 3-inch for presses larger than 1000 tons

Features and Benefits

  • Faster Mold Changes
  • Various Thread Sizes Available
  • Flexible Modular Installation
  • No Mold Modifications Required
  • Reduced Wear, parts stay connected during molding cycles
  • Hardened Steel Materials