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Bottling up the Pressure

Featured Product from Busch Vacuum Solutions

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Strong walls to hold back the bubbles

A warm summer evening with a chilled bottle of sparkling wine. When the cork is twisted, it goes shooting to the sky. The pressure behind the cork is enormous – so how can a bottle made of glass, known for being fragile, withstand the pressure? Vacuum pumps from Busch make sure every bottle has the exact thickness of glass it needs.

Some products seem desperate to get out of their packaging. Think of sparkling drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and aerosol cans. The reason: Before opening, the product is in a comfortable state of equilibrium. But as soon as it comes into contact with ambient air, the product – and its bubbles – expand. This poses a challenge for packaging. This thin layer of aluminum, glass, or plastic is all that stands between the product and its escape, so it has to be up to this challenge. To give glass bottles the strength and uniformity they need not to crack under pressure, vacuum pumps provide a vital part of the process.

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