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Advanced Vacuum Generation-Less Maintenance Effort

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Less Maintenance Effort Thanks to Advanced Vacuum Generation

Higher quality, less maintenance and lower costs – two standard vacuum systems from Busch Vacuum Solutions prove that everything is possible at the Hermsdorf porcelain factory in Thuringia. There, they are used for extruder degassing.
Industrial ceramics have been produced in Hermsdorf, near Jena, since 1890. In the past, high-voltage insulators; now, ceramic honeycomb bodies for heat exchangers, ventilation and emission control systems. They have always kept up with the times, developing innovative materials, products and state-of-the-art production processes to do so. Just like the two new SIMPLEX vacuum systems from Busch that are used to degas the ceramic mass. In 2021, these replaced four oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps and have been providing four extrusion lines with the required vacuum ever since. More than 100 employees currently work in the historic halls of the porcelain factory.
1600 holes, no air bubbles
The strand of square-shaped ceramic, still damp, slides smoothly out of the screw press. But after 1.50 metres, the race is over. Clever hands then cut off the front piece and place it on a large rack to dry. They do this continuously in three shifts. After around nine days, when the mass only contains one percent residual moisture, the honeycombs are fired in an oven at 1,200 degrees. 1,600 small holes run through them lengthwise like honeycomb cells, separated only by fine walls, all precise and symmetrical. To ensure that this remains the case after the combustion process, the mass must not contain any air pockets. These would expand with the heat in the oven and cause the entire honeycomb body to burst. For this reason, the mass must be degassed beforehand with SIMPLEX vacuum systems from Busch. At the heart of each control cabinet and vacuum vessel is a MINK MV Synchro dry claw vacuum pump. What other vacuum pumps see as a challenge, namely handling very moist, paste-like masses, they can master with ease. This is precisely why they have been developed for extruder degassing.
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