COBRA NX 0950 A Released for Sales!

Featured Product from Busch Vacuum Solutions

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The COBRA NX 0950 A

High performance - Advanced screw design, patented self-balancing screws, excellent running qualities, perfectly suited for vacuum drying, freeze drying, degassing, heat treatment, thermoforming and many more

Efficient - Intelligent variable speed drive, low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance, long service intervals, high uptime, efficient waterc cooling

Robust - High vapor and particle tolerance, self-draining

It is a silent, compact, robust, efficient and water or air cooled screw vacuum pump.


Vacuum cooling
Pick & place
Coating processes
Transfer chambers or locks
Vacuum drying
Freeze drying
Heat treatment in furnaces
Central vacuum
Clay degassing
Resin injection (fiber reinforced materials)
Aluminum die casting
Leak testing

All-round solution due to

High pumping speed from 1000 to 1mbar
Low ultimate pressure ≤ 0.01 mbar
Higher water vapor tolerance
Air- or water-cooling
Suitable for 50 Hz and 60 Hz power supply